Back in early 2012, when Motorola spun off their handset division (“Motorola Mobility”) and it was subsequently scooped up by Google, the press wondered if the deal was more about acquiring Motorola’s vast patent library, or whether we’d actually see some new handsets from the company.

With today’s intro of the Moto X, I believe we have our answer.

Completely assembled in the U.S., the Moto X allows buyers to personalize their phone with thousands of combinations of distinctive front, back and accent colors. Sporting a voice-activated Siri-like feature that allows users to access maps, compose a text message, and more, with merely their voice, the Moto X actually listens for your voice cue, no touching required. And the features just keep coming: a battery that lasts with mixed-usage up to 24 hours, a 10MP rear camera, a crisp 4.7″ AMOLED display that springs to life when you take it out of your pocket, 8 cores courtesy of the Motorola X8 Mobile optimized for intelligent, probabilistic computing, and 16GB or 32GB models available.

The Moto X couldn’t have come at a better time. While other handset makers (ahem, Apple?) are reloading their tech for their next big release, Google’s Motorola launches a sneak attack that will have Android purists cheering.

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