Creating fun and interesting time lapse videos should be a lot easier than it is. If you’re lucky, your camera offers an intervalometer feature, but for a lot of folks with lower-end cameras, it’s simply not even an option. And even when it is, there are things you wish you could do, but just cannot pull off.

Enter VivoLabs “Michron” device, which aims to make things much easier on consumers. The Michron time lapse device started as a KickStarter, which funded in record time, with more than $234K pledged on a $40K goal. Obviously, there’s some pent-up demand for a simple, yet versatile device that just plugs in and works. The device has no buttons or controls, instead you program it via an Android or iOS app. There are some pre-set time lapse programs to choose from, or dig into the settings and you can even to interval ramping, bulb ramping (adjusts the shutter speed over time to make smooth light transitions), HDR bracketing, and even acts as a remote trigger via your smartphone!

That last feature is a welcome one for me, because my Nikon dSLR does not offer remote triggering, but it does have an external trigger port that the Michron simply plugs into. The small device slides right into your camera’s hotshoe, where it’ll stay out of your way during shooting.

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