Americans may not be familiar with Pernod Ricard, but the French company is behind some of the biggest names in distilled spirits: Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin and Malibu Rum. So, it makes perfect sense they would collaborate on a web-connected liquor library device that promises to mix up the perfect cocktail.

Called, “Project Gutenberg,” the system is visually pleasing and beautifully designed. Six separate aluminum book-sized containers each hold one type of liquor. A small pump attached to the containers are capable of dispensing a very precise amount of each alcohol into your glass of choice. What brings the system to life however, is the mobile app that both controls the liquor delivery system and allows the user to select their drink of choice. The app also monitors fluid levels in each container and automatically orders refills when you’re in danger of running out. When your refills arrive, simply click your new container into place and away you go.

Check out the video to see how everything works, but keep in mind, this is only a concept. Company officials insist they have no plans to bring it to market at this time.

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