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Erik Jensen

Twelve South HiRise

If you’re looking for a drool-worthy, but affordable stand for your Lightning Cable-equipped iPhone 5, iPad Mini or iPod Touch (5th Gen), then stop looking now. Twelve South has created a brushed metal stand that not only looks great in your work space, but allows you to take FaceTime and standard calls hands-free. Unlike most other docks, – Read More-

Moto X

Back in early 2012, when Motorola spun off their handset division (“Motorola Mobility”) and it was subsequently scooped up by Google, the press wondered if the deal was more about acquiring Motorola’s vast patent library, or whether we’d actually see some new handsets from the company. With today’s intro of the Moto X, I believe – Read More-

Coravin’s Wine Access System 1000

One of the huge first world problems that plague wine drinkers, in particular red wine drinkers, is that once you’ve opened a bottle you’re committed. Once that cork is pulled, air spills into the bottle and the resulting chemistry will ruin your wine in under 24 hours. Enter the Coravin System which changes up the – Read More-

BMW’s All-Electric i3

BMW today, announced their all-new, all-electric i3 model for 2014. The company’s first EV produces 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque from its electric motor, launching it from 0-60 mph in about 7 seconds. Not exactly on par with their gasoline models, but pretty typical for an electric vehicle. The new i3 charges completely – Read More-

Prodeco’s Phantom X 2013

The electric bike market is quite diverse, ranging from $500 Chinese specials (with dubious reliability records) to $5K+ models that sport the latest e-bike tech. Somewhere in the middle is often where you’ll find the sweet-spot with a given product and that’s smack dab where we find Prodeco’s Phantom series e-bike. Assembled entirely in the – Read More-

Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast

Google has shaken up the world of TV streaming devices with their all-new Chromecast. A tiny $35 dongle attaches to any HDTV and allows streaming via apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Chrome. Control it from your Android-powered smartphone or tablet – and good news for iOS fans — there’s an iOS app on the – Read More-

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