The electric bike market is quite diverse, ranging from $500 Chinese specials (with dubious reliability records) to $5K+ models that sport the latest e-bike tech. Somewhere in the middle is often where you’ll find the sweet-spot with a given product and that’s smack dab where we find Prodeco’s Phantom series e-bike. Assembled entirely in the U.S., the Phantom X for 2013 is all new, sporting the quality and some highly upgraded features you just won’t find on sub-$1000 e-bikes.

Featuring a folding aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, front 120mm suspension fork, an SRAM drive train along with an Avid disc brake system, you’ll think you’re riding a high-end mountain bike. One that folds for easy transport in your car. But give the throttle a twist, let the 500-watt direct-drive electric motor kick in, and you’ll realize this is no ordinary bike. You’ll achieve speeds of 20 mph and cruise for up to 30 miles on a charge courtesy of the on-board 9Ah LiFePO 24 cell battery.

Peddle if you want to, but we’re thinking of letting the motor do all of the difficult work while we kick back and enjoy the ride and the scenery. Drink holder and Mai Tai’s are entirely optional, but recommended.

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