As if being a new parent weren’t nerve-wracking enough, newborns are notorious for getting themselves into all manner of trouble while sleeping. SIDS is a real concern and as parents, we’re always taking steps to ensure their crib or sleeping area is stripped of blankets, pillows or anything a newborn could suffocate on. Technology to the rescue! The Owlet baby monitor is effectively a high-tech sock your newborn wears and it will broadcast all sorts of data directly to your smartphone. Watch your child’s heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality and most importantly, get roll-over alerts for when your child goes face down. This new smart sock can stay powered up for two full days, so stressing out about your newborn’s sleeping habits is practically a thing of the past. Currently a crowd-funded product, the makers expect it to be available in Fall of 2013. Starts at $159.

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